We are open for submissions.

Plotopolis publishes interactive fiction. Please read one of our pieces before submitting.

We consider all genres*, but submissions should demonstrate strong writing craft with some literary sensibilities. Additionally, pieces should work well within our publishing venues (currently Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, and a chat-interface on the web). Note: We are also potentially open to poetry, essay, & non-fiction, provided they are built to work with our system as per below, and 'make sense' in an interactive format.

The best way to learn how to write for Plotopolis is to play the 'About Plotopolis' game or read the Plotopolis Documentation.

Here are a few key points:

  • There's no specific word-count limit - but to start we'll favor shorter pieces (say, under 8,000 words).
  • We accept submissions in .twee format (or you can send us an html file for first proof). (Alternately, submit a proposal) You're in luck, as Twine is a great way to write an interactive story and exports to .twee format. Please note that because of our technical limitations, we accept relatively basic (interactivity-wise) and un-styled Twine games. (Here's a quick video on how to export your game as a Twee file. ). Or see the docs.
  • If you're coming from traditional literature (welcome!), then Emily Short has a fantastic post on 'narrative design'. Even skimming the list of resources there is worthwhile.
  • We do not accept/consider AI-generated submissions or art.
  • We take first world serial rights, and we pay pro rates of 8 cents/word (Moređź”˝). We will consider some 'reprint' or adapted works. Please query us first.
  • Payment

    We currently pay pro rates ($.08 per word). (Though if your piece has a lot of repeated text, let's talk.)

    We are at the beginning of this venture.

    There are multiple considerations when purchasing something that might be more 'game' than 'story' and vice versa. In an ideal world, we'd purchase pieces in the same way you might purchase a novel: An advance against royalties, and then royalty payments when the advance earns-out.

    Until we have a means of charging for these (by reader subscriptions or one-off purchases, et cetera), we will be paying as if it were a short story at a literary journal, and distributing them as widely as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

  • We also take fiction proposals. Have a fleshed-out idea for an interactive fiction piece? Submit a proposal.
  • It's a new platform and we're new to this! Please consider contacting us with questions or thoughts before submitting.

Clarifications on what we accept

We *do* accept all genres, and we'll consider most any piece that fits within our technological restrictions. But let's take a moment to refine. We favor:

  • Pieces that take advantage of the chat interface; i.e. conversational or otherwise (Do we want a weird and moving story involving a correspondence with someone on tech support chat? Yes!)
  • Character-based stories
  • Gorgeous prose
  • Pieces you can 'feel in your body', i.e. pieces that are emotionally moving
  • The uncanny & odd, works that skate between genres, experimental pieces
  • Can you make a poem or essay work in our format? We'd love to see it.

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